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16 International leading scientists will give keynote presentations covering the topics of the conference. For details please consult this page which will be regularly updated.


Marco Pierrucini, CNR Nano, Modena,Italy

Andrzej Galeski, CMMS Lodz, PAS, Poland

Christos Likos,  Faculty of Physics, University of Vienna, Austria

Alexander Bismarck,  Faculty of Chemistry, University of Vienna, Austria

Mehrdad Negahban,  Mechanical & Materials Engineering University of Nebraska–Lincoln, USA

Clemens Holzer, Department Polymer Engineering and Science, Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria

Olivier Lame, Mateis, INSA-Lyon, France

Araceli Flores, Instituto de Estructura de la Materia CSIC, Madrid, Spain

Masaru Matsuo, Dalian University of Technology, China

Noelle Billon, CEMEF Mines-Paristech, France

Lucien Laiarinandrasana, Centre des Matériaux - Mines ParisTech, Paris, France

Antoni Sanchez-Ferrer, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Alexander A. Berlin, Institute of Chemical Physics RAS, Russia

Nadia Bahlouli, Laboratoire iCube, University of Strasbourg, France

Patricia Frontini, INTEMA, Mar del Plata, Argentina

Victor Neto, TEMA, University of Aveiro, Portugal



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